1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl

The biggest pub crawl in the UK, running 365 days a year – 1 Big Night Out Pub crawl is the best pub crawl in London. It’s a great mix of students, backpackers and people just looking to party.

A Camden Pub Crawl

Camden’s nightlife is alternative and famous. Start at Mornington crescent station, and work your way up to Camden Town station stopping at great pubs with live music.

A Shoreditch Pub Crawl

Shoreditch is East London’s most fashionable area and is changing constantly. Start at Old Street station, and make your way down Great Eastern Street before bearing left onto Brick lane for a late night curry.

A Monopoly Pub Crawl

Routes for this mega all day pub crawl can be found here – https://monopolypubcrawl.org.uk/

New Years Eve pub crawl

A new years eve pub crawl is a great way to see in the new year. The 1 Big Night Out pub crawl has sold out for the last 3 years, so book early!

Full Moon Party Pub Crawl

This pub crawl, ran twice a year is a favourite with students in the UK – in 2012 there was 600 students on these pub crawls. All kitted out with buckets, glow paint and over 6,000 glowsticks.

Halloween Zombie Pub Crawl

Also a sell out every year, the zombie pub crawl is a bar crawl you’ll never forget. It’s the only crawl where you’ll see wonderwoman making out with Freddy Mercury!

Santalash Pub Crawl

100’s of Santa’s take to the streets for this epic crawl in the weekend closest to December. It’s a great crawl to build up that Christmas Spirit.

Australia Day pub crawl

Though there’s much debate on which country like to party the hardest, the Australia day crawl tends to be the craziest of the year. Cork hats at the ready, this one tends to be a messy one.

St Patrick’s Day pub crawl

There’s no better way to guarantee a great St Patrick’s day than on the St Patrick’s day crawl. 2013’s crawl maxxed out with a new record of 330 people.