old pub enfield londonGhostbusters have been spotted in the Enfield area as they begin a series of Paranormal Investigations in Enfield’s historic pubs and houses.

On Sunday 1st april 2012, North London Paranormal Investigations descended on the first location, The King & Tinker, in Whitewebbs Lane, Enfield. The Pub is one of the oldest pubs in England, parts of the building date back to the 16th century.

It is thought that a pub has stood on this site for over 1,000 years. The curious name comes from a ballad about an encounter between King James I and a tinker. Whilst hunting in Enfield Chase, the King was separated from his courtiers. He visited this pub where he befriended a tinker who only discovered his new drinking pal’s identify when the courtiers turned up at the pub!

The area surrounding the pub is also associated with the infamous Guy Fawkes and Gunpowder Plot. The original Whitewebbs House stood on the site of what is now Guy’s Lodge Farm in Whitewebbs Lane, opposite the King & Tinker Pub. It is believed that on 30th October 1605 Guy Fawkes visited the cellar under the House of Parliament to check that the gunpowder was still in place and undiscovered. Later he reported back to the leader, Robert Catesby at Whitewebbs House.

The Paranormal Investigators arrived in CSI style uniform and we a plethora of Ghost Hunting equipment that would make James Bond a very happy bunny. Infra-red Video Cameras, Ghost grid Lasers, Digital voice recorders for capturing Electronic voice phenomena (Thought to be voices of the dead which are not heard by ear but are only heard upon playback of the recording). EMF detectors and laser thermometers to detect sudden temperature changes and electromagnetic fields which are indicative of the presence of a spirit. A Ghost Hunting gadget called a “Spirit Box” was also pulled out of the bag of tricks and can be classed as a Modern day ouija Board. Its a modified radio device that produces white noise and enables a spirit to “Speak” in real time which is heard from the built in speaker.

Louise Gocool, Co-founder and 2nd Lead Investigator set up a “Communication and Monitoring hub” in the restaurant area away from the Main 16th Century parts of the pub. From there she would monitor and remotely control the strategically placed “Night vision cameras”, “communicate & co-ordinate” with the teams investigators.

The Investigation begins with Mickey Gocool, Founder & Lead investigator doing a walk around the building to conduct baseline measurements of the temp et etc. He is also a Proven Psychic medium.

“During my workaround upstairs in the Landlords bedroom, I picked up on the spirit of a very tall man who was very active. I had also felt a very painful chest pain. I mentioned to the two independent witnesses what I had felt but it was not until I went back downstairs and reported my experience to the Landlord that a customer approached me and stated that I had described “A former Landlord Paul who died in an upstairs room of a heart attack quite recently”

This has yet to be confirmed

 It had been reported to the N.L.P.I. team previously that the spirit of a little girl is seen in the pubs kitchen. Remotely controlled Night Vision cameras were left in the kitchen along with a trigger object, a soft toy to encourage the spirit girl to interact.

During the investigation, the kitchen produced some great results. Sudden temperature drops and very strong EMF readings. Voices were heard and the security lamp outside was seen to activate despite no one being present in the area. A hand held night vision cameras battery was completely depleted despite being fully charged as did the walkie talkie battery. The Mains powered night vision camera also failed to operate. This is common in the presence of spirit and the EMF detected a field which was about the same shape and size as a little girl.

Louise conducted an experiment in the Cellar of the pub and asked a spirit to reduce the temp significantly if he or she wanted to team to leave the building. It was witnessed that the ambient temperature of the cellar was being reduced in direct response to Louise’s requests which was being monitored with a hand held laser thermometer. The readings went from 8 degrees to 1.5 degrees.

The Main bar area is unique has it has a fireplace that is oversized for the small pub. It is believed that the fireplace, which may contain a “priest Hole“, and the Manor House style front door are parts of the original Whitewebbs House which was demolished sometime in the 1700’s.

A “spirit box” session was conducted by the fireplace by the team and a few friends of the Landlord. The spirit box did produced some audio specifically hearing “oi” quite clearly. Light anomalies were seen and videoed.

The evening was concluded with a Ouija board session. The Landlords family and friends participated and seemingly made contact with “Paul” a former owner.


Mickey Gocool adds, “We hope to investigate as many of Enfield’s buildings of interest. We have our own historian Charlotte Suleyman, who did some research on The King & Tinker. We were also accompanied by an Observer Jason Hollis, an Author.

Jason is currently writing a book about Enfield ghosts, So N.L.P.I.Invited him to observe the investigation. Between us we have uncovered a lot of hidden or forgotten information about the Pub and WhiteWebbs house and will include that in our final report.”

When Jason was asked ”What do you think about the team?” He replied” I am so relieved that they are not a bunch of Most Haunted Wannabes.”


North London Paranormal investigations are interested to hear from anyone in the area who has a “Haunted Property” and would not mind a team investigating.

 Contact details on the website: www.nlpi.co.uk

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